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Programs Launching Soon

Onsite Audiology is the sole-provider of audiology programs affiliated with Tiny House Hearing (THH), Inc. (formerly registered as Hearing Education Advocacy and Rehabilitation Services). THH is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN 86-1895558. All donations are deemed tax-deductible. 


Through a partnership with Onsite Audiology, LLC, Tiny House Hearing, Inc. can mobilize hearing healthcare programs to various community partners in areas where there may be racial or socioeconomic disparages, shortage of services, lack of qualified professionals and funding to support these services. 

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Dedicated to providing increased access to quality hearing healthcare by bringing the audiology clinic directly to underserved patients in unreached areas, nationwide.


To foster trust that will lead to long-term partnerships within the educational, healthcare and human services community.


  • To promote better HEARING

  • To EDUCATE community partners about the effects of hearing loss

  • To ADVOCATE for the needs of those who are challenged by their hearing loss

  • To provide REHABILITATION strategies that will enhance quality of life

  • To tailor audiological SERVICES specific to the needs of our community partners

Our program values are centered around the acronym HEARS.
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This program is focused on providing early detection, intervention, treatment and management outreach to children from birth to age 5 in areas that lack access to audiological services in underserved regions in Georgia.

  • To enhance access to comprehensive hearing screenings

  • To provide audiological follow-up to individuals in  economically challenge regions as needed

  • To enhance parent and school staff education regarding hearing loss and access to curriculum

  • To partner with other community agencies in bringing awareness about hearing loss to individuals and agencies

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This program is focused on Veterans hearing health, primarily veterans who are displaced due to homelessness.  Tiny House Hearing, Inc., is dedicated to working with Department of Veteran Affairs and other Veteran Agencies to provide hearing evaluations, cerumen management and hearing aid checks for these veterans.

  • To evaluate hearing and determine the need for further specialized hearing healthcare services

  • To evaluate the hearing of homeless veterans and coordinate next steps with corresponding veterans’ health programs

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H.I.M. is an outreach ministry dedicated to providing hearing screenings and education to those who are underserved in their communities. Program activities will include participating in community health events, homeless outreach, church-based health programs and community-based education/training.

  • To screen the hearing of individual in underserved regions and determine the need for further specialized services

  • To help connect individuals to appropriate healthcare providers/specialist within the community as needed

  • To become an active and trusted hearing healthcare participant in local community, regional and international ministry-based outreach programs/events

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Tiny House Hearing, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN 86-1895558. All donations are deemed tax-deductible.


All funding supports the programming listed above.

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